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Air conditioning

Air conditioning repair for heavy vehicles

For the air conditioning of your truck or any other heavy vehicle, discover Autoclima products. At RM Electro Diesel, we also have expertise in custom installation. We will be able to advise you and install the best option customized to your needs.

Autoclima auxiliary systems are renowned for their quality and are also environmentally friendly thanks to their green technology. They will keep you cool without your engine running. You can therefore improve your comfort while avoiding wasting fuel. They have great power and excellent autonomy to accompany you throughout your short and long journeys. In addition, they are compact, do not take up much space and can be adapted to all types of trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Improve your comfort with auxiliary air conditioning

The installation includes the condenser, compressor and evaporator. We have installed these systems in many vehicles; buses, vans (Sprinter), VRs, lifts/cranes and heavy trucks. Rely on our experience for the installation of your auxiliary Autoclima system.

RM Electro Diesel will find the ideal place to install your auxiliary air conditioning. Plus, enjoy a 30% government rebate with the installation of an auxiliary air conditioning system in your truck. Opt for the comfort of air conditioning and contact us now!


Air conditioning repair for heavy vehicles

At RM Electro Diesel, we have a team of technicians who will diagnose and repair air conditioning failures in your truck.

We repair hoses, replace defective components on your original or auxiliary air conditioning. We also clean components such as the condenser and radiator. If necessary, we also manufacture the hoses on site.

Contact us to learn more about our air conditioning repair service.

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Climatisation auxiliaire Air conditioning

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